Our Story

Pepper & Blue Salon & Spa started as a dream of owner and founder Heather. Her dream was to bring together all of her experience in the world of beauty to create a truly excellent, unique salon and spa. Whether you are looking for a quick beauty treatment or a whole new look, Pepper & Blue aims to deliver excellent, unique results that will allow you to relax in our cozy and beautiful salon and spa. All of our stylists and therapists are professional experts in their field, which means we can confidently deliver the results you are looking for.

We Believe…

That you are judged by the company you keep. Therefore Pepper and Blue’s company, our team of beauty specialists are composed of the area’s top beauty professionals in order to be able to deliver the results we can confidently promise.

Our Values, our Defining Difference…

We value excellence.  Pepper & Blue is the culmination of the best, each staff is a master in their own right – with at least 10 years experience!  We have far too much talent to be average, and that’s just our resume. What matters to us the most is that we acknowledge that we understand that the world is full of choices, and all of our lives are composed of different circumstances. We appreciate every guest who walks through our doors and it is important to us that you always feel comfortable and welcomed each and every time. The connections we build with our guests is our greatest reward.

From the minute our guests enter our door, the difference we bring is tangible.  Whether our guest want a hair stylist or color, or wish to experience the relaxing and tranquil spa located on the 2nd floor – everyone comes for the Pepper & Blue experience.


Our Founder

Heather Rothsching

Heather Rothsching

Meet Heather….

Pepper & Blue’s owner Heather is an esthetician, designer and an award winning make-up artist. For over 20 years, Heather has brought excellence to salons and spas in the Montgomery and Bucks County areas.  Her experience and passion provide the strongest foundation for which Pepper & Blue is matched by no other.  Heather is recognized in the beauty industry for her significant and accomplished business background, her passion for progress as well as her advanced expertise in the skin care industry.   Under Heather’s guidance Pepper & Blue and earned “Best of Bucks” in Hair & Spa for 2 years straight: 2015, & 2016.  Also according to Penny Power & Nexzest, Best Salon and Spa in Quakertown for 2015, 2016, 2017.