Meesha Cosmetics

We are thrilled to be able to offer cosmetic injectables (like Botox and Filler) to our clients here at Pepper and Blue. Each month we are lucky to have Michelle Baibi of Meesha Aesthetics come to our salon for an off site event. Michelle is ranked Top 25 nationwide and is a national trainer for Allergan (the company that creates Botox).

Michelle believes in developing and maintaining excellent relationships with her clients to aid them in all their cosmetic procedures and educate them in all options available to them. Michelle also believes each client is unique and enjoys meeting all their individual needs.

Not quite sure where to start? Consultation are complimentary and Michelle is more than happy to give you a full assessment, and outline your options!  A lot of women fear the pain or cost of injectables, but we're here to tell you that not only are cosmetic injectables more affordable than you think, but the pain is so minimal she's actually had a client fall asleep! 

Want to learn more about Michelle and the product she offers? Visit her website www.botoxbymeesha.com